Farm Animal Series Project

The F.A.S. project is a series of furniture designed to highlight the issues surrounding factory farmed animals, as well as the work of farm animal sanctuaries.  Much like the rescued animals living on farm sanctuaries, the materials for this project have been given a renewed life.                                                   

Each piece is one of a kind, individually numbered, and will seek to capture the spirit and character of the animals and the sanctuaries.  For each piece I've worked to integrate the colors, textures, and even some materials found at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.  I'm hoping the series will encourage further exploration of the issues and an expansion of our compassion for animals / compassionate eating.                                             

See the FAS gallery here              

Learn more at:  Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary or at Farm Sanctuary's overview of factory farming.



Read more about the FAS project in this article published by Our Hen House: Turning Trash into Furniture